Enhance Organizational Performance

Human Resources Development Efficiencies

Move from a traditionally administrative function to more strategic approaches that recognize the link between talented and engaged people and organizational success. Automate and streamline requisitions and approvals to save valuable time and money. The contingent workforce management system automatically tracks requisitions, purchase orders, vouchers, payments, and receipts. Three-way matching compares requisitions with their corresponding purchase orders and receipts, enabling accurate tracking of the purchasing process from request to completion.

Augment and commit to common objectives in supplier document sharing and collaboration eliminate time-consuming, manual tasks .

Resolve human resources management program issues and validate universal improvements once Attract highquality, high-end talent where needed and service providers.

Corporations and businesses that thrive in the future will be the ones that treat talent acquisition, development, and retention as a major strategic imperative. Link2consultvms ensures finding best talent faster by tapping into known talent pools, such as alumni Toward Consistent Evaluation of Relevance Feedback Approaches