Gain Competitive Advantage

As difficult as it can be to Gain competitive advantage, keeping track of lucratively acquiring all types of human capital resources, including contingent workers, contractors and direct hires is a big challenge – and it’s one you do not want to be grappling with for years. Link2consultvms is the leading technology providers of a cohesive technology platform to help corporations and businesses successfully acquire all types of human capital, including contingent workers, suppliers and direct hires based on your business needs. Link2consultvms is a strategic tool to influence worker business intelligence and guide managers to the most appropriate engagement category, direct hire, contingent worker or Statement of Work. The new Link2consultvms site is more efficient and easy to use than ever. It is not a flashy solution that your employees won’t use because it’s too much of a change and doesn’t fit your business processes. Link2consultvms enables businesses to profitably and advantageously find and manage contingent workers and 3rd party contractors. Link2consultvms integrate with the leading back-end systems to acquire the talent and onboard workers efficiently.

Global forces, such as the emergence of low-cost competitors and rapid economic development in emerging markets, began to have profound effects on the structure and performance of businesses. Many firms responded by attempting to penetrate new markets. Keep up to date with alumni and retirees, to grow significant savings, trim down hiring cycles and help your enterprise stay competitive.

Link2consultvms is the leading contingent workforce management software

  • facilitates the creation of requisitions and contracts
  • tests skills
  • screens candidates (centralizes onboarding tasks (i.e., documents, employment forms, etc.)
  • automates time/ expense billing and reimbursement
  • manages vendor relationships