Improve efficiency

Eliminate paperwork Templates for requisitions, candidate profiles, engagement contracts, and timesheets mean that these essential documents will be consistent with each company’s policies. Managers save time and avoid errors; their organizations save money.

Engage the best talent  Companies need to obtain accurate background information on both full-time and contract-based workers. Link2consultvms enables clients to specify whatever background checks they require on incoming candidates. Stipulated checks, which could include reference checking, education and credential verification, criminal and civil court records, Social Security validation, or driving records, are completed before each engagement. Assessments spanning numerous subject areas are administered via the Link2consultvms-TeckCheck partnership the leader in providing state-of-the-art Computer Adaptive Testing. By integrating with TeckChek, Link2consultvms gives clients the ability to establish objective criteria to compare all submitted candidates. Time-consuming and expensive errors in candidate selection can be minimized.

Communicate instantly Link2consultvms notifies participants of every event in the life cycle of the process and automates a variety of internal processes, including submittals, multiple approvals, and contract negotiation. All participants gain valuable time; companies gain productivity.

Automate timesheet and billing workflow Cost centers and “projects” incorporated into contractors’ timesheets can facilitate both billing and accounting. Companies customize timesheet approvals to minimize bottle necks and errors.

Use the power of information Clients assess vendor performance with integrated analysis tools. These tools provide the means to perform straightforward vendor analysis according to key metrics. These include:

  • Billing rate and markup percentage
  • Skill qualifications (as measured by standardized testing)
  • Responsiveness to requisition postings and requests for information