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Our strategy
We are a leading provider of technology, services and solutions. In line with the Company’s business strategy our strategy is focused on providing innovative products, applications, and services that drive productivity improvements in targeted high growth market segments and developing value-added applications and solutions. We recently announced a new alignment of our businesses that will allow us to prioritize our capabilities. We are a New Jersey corporation, founded in 1992. Our headquarters are in Fort Lee, New Jersey, and we market our products and services nation wide.

Our core value system
We apply our core value system to everything we do; and those values provide the foundation for our strategy and execution. Our core values are:

  • Honesty & integrity
  • Our people
  • Our customers
  • Superior financial performance,
  • Vision & innovation

We work diligently to apply our core values every day and use them to guide us in the execution of our strategy. We believe by allowing our values to drive the execution of our strategic goals we will increase value by leveraging our competitive strengths to focus on positioning ourselves for sustained long-term growth.

Intellectual Property
We license intellectual property rights to and from third parties, some of which bear royalties and are terminable in specified circumstances. In addition, we possess a wide array of unpatented proprietary technology and know-how. We also own numerous United States trademarks and trade names for a variety of our product names, and have applications for the registration of trademarks and trade names pending in the United States. We believe that patents and other proprietary rights are important to the development of our organization, but we also rely upon trade secrets, know-how, continuing technological innovations and licensing opportunities to develop and maintain the competitive position of our organization. We do not believe that the loss of any one patent or other proprietary right would have a material adverse effect on our overall business or on any of our reporting segments.

Link2consult is committed to achieving and applying a high standard of corporate governance taking into consideration the Company’s size and the industry in which the Company operates.