Thought Leadership

Link2consultvms was developed in close collaboration with two international corporations to pinpoint strategic staffing procurement needs innovating solutions for corporate organizations. In the talent management world the issues are complex. Legal compliance, supply chain management, contracts administration and soft skills talent management, succession planning, workforce planning, in short getting the right people on the bus, in the right seats, for the right length of time.

Link2consultvms’s goal is to provide the best, most comprehensive, flexible, full-featured B2B workforce e-procurement application on the market. Its SaaS model, requisition and contract creation, candidate screening and testing, analysis tools, workflow automation, and billing services provide essential services required by staffing procurement organizations.

Contingent Workforce Management from one corporation to another, the handling of contract talent is done in starkly different ways. In some companies, the Human Resources department takes the lead. In others, Procurement and/or Legal hold the reins because on paper, this is a purchasing and contracting matter, and an enormous spend and risk management category. Other Fortune 2000 firms, handling of contract talent is done by dedicated departments for Contingent Workforce Management or cross-departmental task forces have been created.

Our experience in providing temporary staffing uncovered a tremendous need for efficient mediation services between corporations and their staffing vendors.

The business climate of contingent workforce management changes rapidly transitioning rapidly away from “permanent” full-time to a model of contract talent where independent contractors, Statement of Work (SOW) consultants, freelancers, and other contract talent represent the new standard. Link2consultvms’s onboarding systematic and comprehensive orienting of a new worker to help them get on board to make new contingent workers feel welcome and comfortable in their new surroundings and to minimize the time before new workers are productive members of their new workgroup becomes key.

We have collaborated closely with corporate procurement managers to develop Link2consultvms to help solve an issue of tremendous importance for all organizations the need to engage independent contractor talent, get the right talent engaged quickly and test the contractor’s compliance with regulatory and contract requirements, identify areas of risk, provide feedback and provide a basis for a contractor’s continuous improvement.

Despite the obviously dramatic and accelerating transformation of the workforce, our system is a client-focused product, an end-to-end application, and we think it’s a winner.